Bradley Clark shared his testimony with the people at New Life in Cabool, MO. Enjoy this preview!

Throughout its years of production, the Building a Difference team has recorded over 400 hours of footage. The result will be a powerful 4.5-hour inspirational and educational documentary of the deep perils of drug addiction and the power of inward change that can happen with commitment, hard work, and extreme patience.



1) Educate parents, families, and the audience as a whole to the signs and dangers of addiction

2) Provide real solutions illustrated through the New Life rehab ministry

3) Share compelling stories from the patients themselves to help others who need to hear from them directly

4) Give a comprehensive examination of the stages and processes of real change through the testimonies of those we have followed throughout their own year-long program.

These principles will also be outlined in a workbook, alongside a DVD set, for personal or group applications. All gifts are tax-deductible, and a gift of any amount will help us greatly. Please watch our preview of the series and consider partnering with us in getting this critical message out to those who need it the most!


We are asking individuals, families, companies, and churches who have loved ones and friends going through similar trials of loss and heartache to rise up and support this project.

These principles of genuine change are not only for those hurting from addictions, but are for the entire audience. If this method of change proves successful in their lives, it could also help bring change in our own lives no matter what our struggles are.


To learn more about New Life USA in Cabool, MO, CLICK HERE!