Building a Difference made another announcement this year at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Orlando, FL. Building a Difference: Special Edition, an exciting 18-episode series that will take you behind-the-scenes to find out who we are, what we do, why we do it and where we are headed.

“It started out as a local TV experiment…a simple show about a construction charity that touched the lives of those it served,” explains Pro./Dir. Mick Richards. “This local production took off, and is fast becoming a very different kind of media ministry called Building a Difference. It’s a group of creative media missionaries and artists who work together creating a spectrum of inspirational productions and powerful documentaries. Our goal from the very beginning has been to a shine a light on remarkable works of charity and to ignite hearts to movements of compassion. How all this is being accomplished is nothing short of amazing, at the very least, and part of the Building a Difference story.”

This 18-episode special edition series will take you into the heart of the Building a Difference media ministry, an inside look into the Movements of Compassion Tour, and exclusive behind-the-scenes features of the upcoming volumes 3-7.

“Building a Difference: Special Edition also brings you a unique collection of untold stories that will have an impact on you,” says Richards. “Dramatic, heartwarming, and at times heart wrenching video puts you in the midst of it all; Honduras, East and West Africa, India, Thailand and the Philippines. Viewers will also see inspirational and personal stories told by the missionaries themselves. These are important stories that need to be shown and need to be seen. And they might just impact the way you live your life.”

Building a Difference was one of among hundreds of exhibitors and was well received by everyone at the NRB “Proclaim 17”, this year’s four-day NRB International Christian Media Convention.  Attendees had the opportunity to meet the entire Building a Difference team and hear from their hearts the vision of Building a Difference as a worldwide media ministry.

“Building a Difference: Special Edition is set to be released fall of 2017. More information will be released soon!