“There are so many layers of stories involved with this new project,”  said Mick Richards, Exec. Producer/Director, Building a Difference. “It’s clear that the situation of poverty itself will always be with us. However, by changing the mindset of poverty in these children, they will be given the ability to rise up out of their situation and even step into the position of caretaker for their own communities. I personally believe that having the chance at real mind, heart, and life change is one of the greatest gifts a person can ever receive.”

Building a Difference is now in the early stages of planning and pre-production and will continue to move forward in upcoming volumes as funding goals are reached.  The Honduras project features  GloDev (Global Development), Go To Nations, and charities/orphanages on the ground in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, who are helping to bring desperately needed aid to very poor lower class families and children.

“We have a great story, and there are amazing things happening here in Honduras,” said Wyly Gammon, Rgnl. Dir. for the Americas, Go To Nations. “We’re seeing kids’ lives change in many ways. Getting our stories out is going to be tremendous for all of us because we believe people need to see them.”

“This is an incredible opportunity with Building a Difference,” explained Tim Lovelace, CEO of GloDev, “because it’s also about encouraging the genius of the viewers who see this documentary, and then they can get involved and together we can make a difference.”

Please consider a much-needed donation as the new team begins preparation to roll cameras in 2014. Any amount is extremely appreciated, and you will be put on our Partners News List to keep you informed of how your contributions are being used to help produce this amazing documentary. Thank you so much!

Watch: Honduras – Full length 17-Min Version

Watch: Honduras – 9-Min Version

Watch: Honduras – 4-Min Version