– Update from Dianne Rigby, Partnership Development Coordinator.

During the last week of June, we worked in Lovelock, Nevada serving and highlighting the Christian drug rehabilitation program known in Russia and now America as New Life founded by Sergey Matevosyan.  We were blessed to work alongside missionary staff from Russia, volunteers and program participants during this ground breaking season at their new center.  New Life is featured in Building A Difference Volume Three and the story begins in St. Petersburg Russia where it’s founder was called by God to buy a piece of land and start a drug rehab program that’s success spread across the country and then was brought to America beginning in Cabool, Missouri.

Our team was again very challenged by the heat and the fact that the majority of people there only spoke Russian.  It was a beautiful experience to see God move as they worked through their pain for the greater good and loved through the barriers they were facing.  The gentleman who was assigned to lead our work team had been a heroin addict for over thirty years, and is testimony; his love for “the Jesus” along with the strong work ethic of the Russian missionaries serving there will never be forgotten.  Our presence was an encouragement to the missionaries on the field, reminding them that they are not forgotten and to let them know how thankful we are that they are here to serve and address such a desperate need in American society with a proven effective program method.

During our stay at New Life, we spent a lot of time with Sergey and one of his board members discussing the severity of the issues at hand in our nation and around the world.  It became very apparent, with Trisha joining our team and the upcoming release of Building A Difference Volume Three, that maybe God wanted us to focus on this issue that is currently one of the most deadly issues wreaking havoc on humanity across the globe.

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