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GTNE 16 - A 'Go To Nations Experience'

4/15 /16 • Movements of Compassion Tour
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[sm_column_text]The Page-Bailie Bunch got to experience a night of both serving and learning about the missions sending ministry of Go To Nations! Tim and Gabriel helped served an incredible dinner  to hundreds of guests before the main event. Jordan and Laci helped set up the event as well. Melisa and Dianne (Partnership Development Coordinator) assisted Mick Richards at the Building a Difference: Beyond Your Borders display in the main lobby. Building a Difference also produced the main video for the evening – “Beachheads.”[/sm_column_text]
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Except from the Go To Nations website:

This year’s Go To Nations Experience theme was both unique and appropriate for their chosen venue: The Conference Center at the Jacksonville Main Public Library. William Manchester’s 1992 book, A World Lit Only By Fire, is a narrative depicting the “dim era” of the literally Dark Ages of medieval history; including not only the desperate times of ineffable struggle for survival, but also highlighting the turbulence that was the Christian faith, leading to a time of both Protestant revival and Renaissance. As Manchester quips in his forward, “Christianity survived despite medieval Christian, not because of them.”

 “ … He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” – Matthew 3:11 nkjv 

The very purpose of the Baptism of Jesus is to empower believers to accomplish Christ’s commission. This fire both birthed the first missions movement from Jerusalem, Samaria, Judea, to the uttermost parts, and it is the same enkindling that fuels Go To Nations’ pursuit: every tribe, every tongue, every nation.

This elegant evening featured a “Worship in the Nations” Reception in the Gallery, fine dining experience, Guest Host Sean Yost, and Guest Worship Artists Bobby and Kati Vickery. Go To Nations guests experienced the sounds, the tastes, and the feel of worship around the world as the fire continues to spread


WATCH the main event video produced by Building a Difference & DeepLight Entertainment!


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  1. John

    that was a great video 😀 im not sure who will see this but i am john and if your the mom or 17 yr old son then we already met on last sunday at the church i go to 😀 i told you guys i would look at your website 🙂

    • John

      ohhhh now i remember your name what is up tim 😛 ( the 17 yr old son i mentioned Lol and i forgot to say the church name it was The Church On The Way 😛

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