The Page-Bailie Bunch will be recording their experiences during the Movements of Compassion Tour for a new webisode series. Our audience will be able to follow and enjoy these experiences of “Team Courageous” HERE.

“I want the children to journal everyday,” explains Melisa Page-Bailie. “I wasn’t then to take pictures and document things that interests them so that they can look back in the future and see how God used this journey to change their lives. I want them to not forget the most important parts of this joinery and that’s the people they meet while they’re serving and the opportunities that they’ve had.”

Laci Page will be one of the children assuming the role of a media missionary. “I think it’s important for all of us to document our experiences,” she says, “because it gives our friends and family an opportunity to go online and see photos and videos and be a part even though they are not with us. And hopefully it can encourage and inspire other people to get in involved with missions work themselves.”