“The world is rapidly changing,” remarks Mick Richards, Executive Producer/Director, “and as a response to what many are seeing unfold, they are left angry, discouraged, and some even afraid. People are asking themselves. ‘What can I do? Even if I were able to contribute something, where would I even start?’ With the Beyond Your Borders series, we want to help provide some of those answers.”

There’s good news. Something’s happening, an awakening, igniting global movements of compassion bringing help to those in desperate need. And these untold stories have been locked away for long enough!

Building a Difference has been given an extraordinary opportunity, and we inviting you to partner in our most ambitious project yet – Beyond Your Borders, a powerful three-volume documentary series exploring the heart of world missions.

Learn how you can partner with us in this powerful 3-volume documentary series exploring on the heart of world missions!

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