Chris Simons, HostThe Building A Difference crew finished shooting the first volume of shows at Celebration Church of Jacksonville, FL during the last week of 2008. Senior Pastor Stovall Weems generously hooked us up by donating the church’s Annex building and crew to help shoot all the opens and closes for our new 16-part series. Thank you Pastor Stovall!

Celebration’s talented set designer Alex Castro and lighting guru Austin Hays were there to help set up at 5 a.m. every production morning during their Christmas/New Years vacation when they could have been home sleeping. All our family and friends also showed up to help out with whatever was needed. We completed our shooting in “only” four 12-hour days (even though I tried to convince them all it was only going to take one!)

Out of all of us though, show host & pastor Chris Simons had the toughest job. I gave him 22 pages of script just two days before we shot, and then we wrote 10 more pages on location…and he performed beautifully! (…although he was sure tired of hearing “Great! Perfect! Now do it one more time.”) Pastor, when you speak, your words “flow out of you like the beautiful sound of living water soothing the hearts and souls of all those in your presence.” Thank you to Chris
and everyone who gave their time & talents to help get us on the air in February!

Show Crew

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