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A viewer leaves an encouraging message after the world premiere of Building a Difference featuring Builders Care.
Uncle Dave tries to convince Chris Simons that he knows everything about online social networking.
Chris Simons and the crew prepares for a day of shooting Volume 1 episode introductions!
Chris Simons opens up the premise for Building a Difference Volume 1 featuring Builders Care.
Episode 1 - Bonus Clip
Mother Harris Sings a Cappella
Cola Mae “Mother Harris” sings her favorite song a cappella during her on-camera interview for Terry Casey.
Episode 1 - Extended Clip
Morning Prayer with Cola Mae
Builders Care begins their first construction project with a morning prayer with Cola Mae Harris.
EPISODE 2 - Bonus Feature
Julie’s “Cola Mae” Testimony
Julie Castine shares in Cola Mae’s church how her life was changed after watching her story when first aired locally in Jacksonville, FL.
EPISODE 5 - Clip
George’s Poems
George Swearingen, 94 year old veteran, shares poems and stories to young volunteers who came out to help him with landscaping.
EPISODE 5 - Clip
The Sound of Scraping
Chris Simons really seems to be having a hard time listening to the constant sound of…
EPISODE 6 - Bonus Clip
The Poem I Live By
George Swearingen writes his own poems and shares the special one that he lives his life by.
Chris Simons and Bill Wilson give George Swearingen a special visit a few years after the original broadcast of Veterans show.
EPISODE 8 - Clip
Ornaments for Ali
The skilled construction team apparently has a big problem to solve…there are NO ornaments for Ali’s Christmas tree.
EPISODE 8 - Clip
Ali’s Christmas Gift
Ali gets excited on the phone when she hears what Bill and the crew are doing for her as a surprise!
The construction crew gets a shocking revelation during the demolition of the George Family’s home.
EPISODE 9 - Clip
Spicy Meat-a-Balla
Builders Care events are known for their amazing spread of food for their volunteers…and even some spicy, meaty additions.
EPISODE 10 - Bonus Clip
Uncle Dave’s Armenian Coffee
On a long week of construction, the volunteers and crew can get very tired…and that’s when Uncle Dave comes to the rescue!
EPISODE 10 - Bonus Feature
Their Last Meal
Uncle Dave and Chris are going to extreme measures to try and prevent any future termite attacks. Will they succeed?
EPISODE 12 - Clip
Strange Instructions
Pat Murphy and and guys are trying to install a new AC unit in the John and Michelle’s new bedroom, but find it a bit challenging.
EPISODE 12 - Clip
Uncle Dave’s Donuts
A Builders Care project can be long hours and a lot of parked cars, so Uncle Dave tries to sweeten’ up the neighbors!
EPISODE 12 - Bonus Clip
That’s Amore
Chris has a heart to heart in a moment of deep expression and song to a new friend during the Bell Family home build.
EPISODE 14 - Clip
Melisa’s Ministry
Foster/Adoptive mom Melisa Page-Bailie shares the heart of her ministry to children in need.
EPISODE 14 - Clip
David’s Question
David Page has a burning question he needs to ask before the construction of their new home in the Page-Bailie Bunch story.
EPISODE 15 - Clip
Demo Day
Don Wilford leads his construction team and volunteers in a demolition day that bring the house down!
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