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Compassion Journals

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The Compassion Journals are a series of videos, podcasts, articles and journals recorded by Melisa and the kids, along with missions leader Dianne Rigby, in order to take us on their journey with them.

The full expanded story will appear in Volume 4: Movements of Compassion!

Journal #1
Team Courageous
The Compassion Journals begin with Melisa Page-Bailie sharing some of her heart for what she hopes her children will experience.
Melisa gets a surprise call the night before they leave that changes everything.
Podcast host Terry Casey talks with Melisa about what life has been like on the road.
The first missions experience for these kids was with Young Life in Colorado, and it took some time to settle in to it.
Team Courageous serves with FROMM in reaching out to Native American families in Arizona.
Terry Casey talks with Dianne Rigby about the vision of the Movements of Compassion Tour and partnership.
Things are starting to get very dirty, dry and hot in the desert of Nevada with New Life.
Terry Casey talks with Melisa about the hot, dry desert and how new life can be found there in the midst.
Trisha Page shares the missions experience in San Francisco at Serenity House on the Movements of Compassion Tour.
Tim Page shares his experience in L.A. that resulted in a shift in his life and perspective of the tour.
Melisa reflects over the tour’s challenges and changes in her children, and announces what’s around the corner in Alaska.
Jordan Bailie shares her heart…and her voice…in her first Alaskan mission experience.
Gabriel Page explains how how has grown both emotionally and spiritually in his time in Kasilof, AK.
Laci Page shares her experience in Cooper Landing as she is learning how to build walls as some of her spiritual walls come crumbling down.
WOW! Watch the new and powerful MOC Tour update video!
Team Courageous heads to Tulsa, OK, to partner with Bridge of Hope for creative outreaches with children.
The Movements of Compassion lands in New York City for a exploration of extraordinary missions movements.
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