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Kenny and Karen begin a wonderful life together with five kids, when suddenly Kenny started acting different.
Kenny was deeply distressed about having to leave his family stranded in its current condition, until he met Builders Care.
Volunteers show up early, while the Builders Care trade partners and Commander Don Wilford start a fast and furious build.
Builders Care thought that it was really important the Goodall kids had a chance to participate in the building of the project any way they wanted to be a part.
While construction still moves fast and furious, Kenny and the family get taken on a surprise trip…and they watched as Kenny was brought to tears.
Final Touches
Time is running out and last minute changes are making things challenging in order to beat the clock on this final stretch to the finish line.
The day has arrived and Builders Care designers and volunteers are racing the clock to get the Goodalls home finished in time for their arrival!
Three days after the homecoming, the Goodall family’s story takes an unexpected turn with Kenny’s oldest son Kollin.
Kenny is finally set free from his chains, however, Kollin experiences a relapse and needs a bone marrow transplant.
Two Choices
After a bone marrow transplant from his sister Kaley, Kollin had two choices.
Bucket List
So many people were asking themselves, what could they could do to make these last days for Kollin so special.
A Will to Live
What was supposed to be just a few weeks left to live for Kollin, turned into much longer. And that’s when he decided…
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