Cola Mae
Mother Harris

Our very first story about Northeast Florida Builders Care took place when they were selecting their 500th house in need of rescue in their hometown of Jacksonville, FL. That’s when they found sweet Cola Mae Harris.

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Cola Mae was everyone’s mother. Everyone knew her, and everyone loved her.

Romana Jolly, Friend and Church Member
Episodes 1 & 2

Cola Mae Harris

“Mother Harris” was a beautiful 82-year old widow full of love, life and spirit, and she was a dedicated lifelong member and choir director of her church.

Unfortunately, Cola Mae had been struggling to survive in her deteriorating house for many years. It had dangerous electrical problems, collapsing floors and no air conditioning. Her plumbing was so bad she was even having to use buckets of water just to bathe.

Mother Harris Pt. 1 – Preview
Scenes from Cola Mae's Story
Mother Harris Pt. 2 – Preview

After the prayers and support of her church family, her life was about to change the day she met Builders Care.

With the partnering volunteer efforts of ICI Homes and Division President Don Wilford, the quality of Cola Mae’s life was about to be dramatically changed forever! You don’t want to miss this unforgettable story of Cola Mae Harris!

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Meet the Builder

ICI Homes, Division President

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Don Wilford

…is a third generation builder with the 4th generation sons all in the family business. Don was greatly influenced and trained by his father to learn this noble trade. He started as a young teen sweeping out houses and digging ditches and through the years has excelled in multi-family, commercial and residential construction. Today Don serves as Division President of ICI Homes, a top 100 homebuilder based out of Florida. A native of Dayton, Ohio, he moved his young family to Florida in 1984.

Don and his company became involved with Builders Care when the non-profit arm of the Northeast Florida Builders Assoc was launched.  “My heroes have always been those who started with nothing and never forgot where they came from.  I believe that those who receive should also give back more than the take.  Over the years I have admired the doctors and nurses that donate their God given talents by performing medical services for those in need.  I am a builder….God blessed me with the talent to do things with my hands and mind. It is only second nature for me to rally our troops to use our talents to help others in need. I firmly believe that if everybody shared their professional talents with those less fortunate then this will for sure make our world a better place.”

Although Don Wilford has been giving to Builders Care for years, he began the Building A Difference documentaries by helping Cola Mae Harris and came back to the show again to help the Page-Bailie family.

Don married his High School sweetheart Lou Ann at age 19. Together they have raised 3 sons also involved with Builders Care and are the proud grandparents of 5 grandchildren. He is a current board member of Builders Care and also serves as Vice Chairman of the Construction Industry Licensing board as appointed by Governor Bush in 2005.  Don was the recipient of the “Mentor of the year” in 2005 for his work through the States Attorneys’ office mentoring jailed juveniles, as well as the “Dick Baker” award from The Northeast Florida Builders Assoc in 2005 for humanitarian and community service.  He received the 2006 “National Mentor of the year award” in Washington DC by the National Mentor partnership organization for his efforts to help a jailed juvenile enter society through his mentorship and was awarded the Northeast Florida’s Builders Assocation’s “Member of the Year” in 2006.

Don is currently a member of Celebration Church in Jacksonville Florida and becomes closer with God each day.

Episodes 1 & 2

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June Castine’s

"Cola Mae" Testimony

When the Cola Mae Harris show originally aired locally in Jacksonville, FL, many lives were touched…including Julie Castine.

Watch her testimony as she shares how God changed her life because of the amazing story of Cola Mae Harris!