Bracell Freeman
Army Veteran

Builders Care continues the Veterans Heroes story with Bracell Freeman, a hard working World Wear II veterans who also needed the help of Builders Care and its construction volunteers.

Featured in Episodes 5 & 6


There were a lot of problems with his home that Bracell didn’t even know. For the past few years, he had progressively been losing his eyesight and was almost completely blind.”

Chris Simons, Builders Care Pastor
From Episodes 5 & 6

Veteran Heroes, Cont.

Bracell Freeman served in World War II and worked hard his entire life. He also worked in the lumber industry in his community.

Unfortunately, he had been growing increasingly blind due to glaucoma, a condition that damages a person’s vision and one of the leading causes for blindness for people over the age of 60.

Although his home was deteriorating around him, it was very important to him because it’s the home he had gone blind in.

Good-hearted volunteers heard the call, mobilized their forces and hit the ground running to help these two fine local heroes.

Veteran Heroes Pt. 2 – Preview
Scenes from Bracell Freeman's Story
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Meet the Builder
Engle Homes, Division President

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Andy Chambers

In addition to his endless responsibilities overseeing the operations of two Florida homebuilding Divisions for Engle Homes, Andy has tirelessly dedicated himself to numerous civic and volunteer projects throughout the Northeast Florida area. He volunteers his time by serving on the Boards of Directors of both the Northeast Florida Builders Association and Builders Care. But his contributions do not stop in the boardroom. Many times you will find Andy on the site of a Builders Care project, helping remodel the home of a local elderly or disabled citizen or, more recently, serving several days in the reconstruction of the Russell Bill Cook Park Community Center, partnering with the Boselli Foundation and Builders Care.

Andy Chambers was honored to lend his efforts and support in helping two very deserving local veterans, Brazil Freeman and George Swearengin. in the Building A Difference Veterans Day episode.

Andy’s commitments to the Northeast Florida community and homebuilding industry were strongly evident as he was instrumental in developing the concept and launching of NEFBA’s “It’s a Great Time to Buy” campaign in late 2007. His insight and leadership helped strengthen the morale of many members of our industry during one of the most challenging times in recent memory.

Andy has also volunteered his time to students of the University of North Florida’s Building Construction Management program by offering guidance on various projects. Additionally, he has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Florida through various fund-raising events he has spearheaded and has also served on the Board of Trustees of a local church, helping develop a new building project and its associated fundraising campaign.

When not serving, Andy enjoys spending time with his wife, Lisa, and their two sons.”