The George Family

How would you feel if you suddenly discovered that there was almost nothing holding up the roof of your home, and it was about to collapse on you and your family at any moment.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Ethlyn George and her family.

Featured in Episodes 9 & 10


I was absolutely shocked. Termites have absolutely disintegrated almost every stud, every header of this house. The roof could have collapsed on this family at any time.”

Chris Simons, Builders Care Pastor
From Episodes 9 & 10

The George Family

Ethlyn was a single mother doing the best she could raising her five beautiful children in a very small home.  One day her boys were rough housing, as boys often do, and they accidentally put a hole in their wall.

This divine incident possibly saved their lives because what they had discovered was shocking…their home had been infested with termites!

The George Family Pt. 1 – Preview
Scenes from Ethlyn and her Family's Story
The George Family Pt. 2 – Preview

Things move pretty fast on the site of the George Family’s home, and the volunteers of Builders Care are doing everything they can to ensure their home will never have termite problems again.

You do not want to miss what happens as the Builders Care team races the clock and pulls out all the stops to get this home ready in time for the George Family’s return.

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Meet the Builder

ProSource Building Co., President

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Brian D’Amico

…is happily married to his wife Heather and together have four children.

He opened his own construction company in 1996 and have obtained state licenses for Florida State Certified Building Contractor, and Florida State Certified Roofing Contractor.

As President of  ProSource Building Company, he has always strived to provide excellent service with personal attention for his customers, many of who have become good friends. A large part of his business has been devoted to helping others. His employees have been paid many times to work on benevolent projects for which he charged little or nothing for.

Brian gave his efforts to helping the George Family in Building A Difference and helped rebuild a home that was almost completely devoured by termites.  Brian attended Builders Care’s first volunteer day in its very beginning in 2002, lead many groups to faithful volunteering and has been presented an award from Builders Care for his faithfulness and commitment to the mission of helping people. He has planned, organized and managed many projects for Builders Care over the years including individual homeowner projects, roofs, handicap ramps, city projects and other benevolent projects. He also spearheaded the building permit and zoning process as well as planning and volunteering for a large nationally televised project in Hastings, FL by Builders Care and NEFBA.

Episode 10 Bonus Clip

So Extreme!


Bonus Clip

Their Last Meal

Uncle Dave and Chris have lost patience with termites that have endangered the George family.

They are going to extreme measures to try and prevent any future attacks! Will they succeed?