The Gumpls

As a non-profit construction ministry, Builders Care has been able to come to the rescue of so many needy people in the communities they serve…

And George Gumpl is an example of someone found just at the right time, because his Diabetes was beginning to take its toll on George’s life.

Featured in Episodes 3 & 4


When George told me that Builders Care was going to come over to the house,

…he had tears in his eyes. 

Kathy Ordonez, Dialysis Center Inc., Social Worker
Episodes 3 & 4

The Gumpls

George was a hard working man and a veteran who lived with his wife Linda in a very small 2-bedroom home when he was tragically struck with Diabetes.

This effects of this disease took its toll on both, and George lost both legs and most of his eyesight. And if
that weren’t bad enough, with tight doorways, an inadequate bathroom, bad electrical and a leaking roof, George could no longer function in their small home.

The Gumpls had nowhere to turn until the day they met Northeast Florida Builders Care.

The Gumpls Pt. 1 – Preview
Scenes from George & Linda's Story
The Gumpls Pt. 2 – Preview

With the help of NEFBA, the Northeast Florida Builders Association, and an army of good-hearted volunteers, Builders Care came to the rescue of this wonderful couple and things would never be the same.

After a week of fast and fury home repairs, the Gumpls home would be transformed into a brand new space to give George and Linds the comfort they need!

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Meet the Builder

61st NEFBA President, & Founder, Bryan Homes

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Bryan Lendry

….is founder, president and chief executive officer of Brylen Homes Ltd., and served as the 61st president of the Northeast Florida Builders Association, one of the nation’s largest builders associations. “It is a great privilege to have served on the NEFBA Executive Committee and to be confirmed as president of the association,” Lendry said.

NEFBA is honored to hold the status of the Florida’s largest builders association.  Backed by a 75-year-history of networking, community outreach and industry development, NEFBA’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Northeast Florida.  Its members are dedicated to that same goal.  Here are the ways the organization works toward the advancement of the community where members work and live.


Builders Care
In 2001, NEFBA launched Builders Care to help eliminate substandard housing in our area. For more than 15 years, members and community volunteers working through Builders Care have helped restore homes belonging to the elderly and physically challenged individuals with limited or no other sources of assistance.

NEFBA Charitable Foundation
NEFBA’s charitable foundation, chartered in 1986, has helped hundreds of groups and individuals in need of assistance. Over the past quarter of a century the NEFBA Charitable Foundation has contributed more than a million dollars to local charities and organizations.

We partner with other agencies, such as HabiJax, the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, to provide housing for those who could not otherwise afford a home of their own.