Episode 3

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Construction Begins

Although Kenny’s condition was very critical, the incredible experience so far has lifted him. Therefore, Builders Care thought it would be a blessing for Kenny and his family stay on the job site throughout the build.

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Because this was such a family event and Kenny being a builder himself, it was good for them to be there to see this house and how it was built.”

Bill Wilson, Founder, Builders Care

Volunteers started arriving early to help empty the house and begin demolition, while commander Don Wilford and the Builders Care construction team were already in the construction zone.

Concrete is poured, the foundation is laid, and walls are raised! Although merging a new addition into the existing framing of the house was going to be a challenge, some of the most difficult challenges were still up ahead!

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Fun Fact

Before Builders Care put up drywall over the walls in the existing part of the house, the family and volunteers wrote special messages to future tenants who might one day discover its hidden treasures beneath!

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