Episode 4

                VOLUME 2

A House

They Helped Build

Builders Care thought that it was really important the Goodall kids had a chance to participate in the building of the project any way they wanted to be a part.

All the trades partners took the Goodall kids under their wings, worked with them and showed them their trade.


It’s not a house that someone just gave them. It’s the house that they’re a part of. It’s their house…a house that they helped build.”

Klay Brickell, Crew Leader, American Electrical
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Youth groups continue to show up with their man and woman-power, Uncle Dave is on the scene with his first aid to make sure everyone is safe, and Don Wilford lets his affinity for Kimberly the rabbit show a little too much!

Kenny’s extended family make a surprise visit to illustrate to Kenny that the Goodalls stick together, not only when life is good but also in the valleys…as a strong, family unit.

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I’ve learned so much from Kenny, Karen and even the children as they have stuck together as a family…that everyone can draw a good example from.”

Chris Simons, Exec. Director, Builders Care