Episode 6

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Final Touches

Before the designers arrive for the final touches, the Goodall family has to leave the jobsite until their official homecoming surprise on Saturday.

But before they say goodbye for now, they get to spend time with all the wonderful volunteers that have been helping all week.


Oh no. No. Always at the end…always. There’s always got to be a curve ball.”

Tim Anderson, Construction Manager, ICI Homes
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Construction manager Tim Anderson loses his patience when Bill Wilson suggests another last-minute change as the Builders Care designers show up with a truck full of new items!

Landscaping is going in, Chris and Julie work on the boys’ backyard surprise, and Don Wilford’ obsession with Kimberly the rabbit starts to worry a few people.

Volunteers take time to share from the heart what this experience has meant as they’ve gotten to know and spend time with Kenny and his family.

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A wise man once said, ‘There is nothing more powerful than the heart of a volunteer’.”

Chris Simons, Exec. Director, Builders Care