Episode 7

                VOLUME 2

The Homecoming

The homecoming day has finally arrived.  Builders Care designers and volunteers race the clock to get the Goodall’s home decorated, polished and finished in time for their much-anticipated arrival.


…You’ve got to believe that Kenny was experiencing God on the inside like no one could have imagined.”

Chris Simons, Exec, Director, Builders Care
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Chris and Julie try to think like kids as they run out of time trying to finish constructing the backyard hideout for the boys.

The Builders Care designers finalize every room, and even bring talented artists to paint special murals for some the kids’ bedrooms.

The staff ICI Home and Builders Care volunteer do everything they can do to bring the 2-week labor of love to a closure.

The crowd of volunteers goes wild as they are reunited with the family in the driveway. Don Wilford hands over the key to their new home, and Kenny and the family are brought to tears as they go room to room in their brand new home in an emotional homecoming that you will never forget.

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Thank all of you so much. We will never forget what you have done for Kenny and our family. It’s means everything to us.”

Karen Goodall