Compassion Journal #2

                VOLUME 4

And Trisha Makes Seven

Compassion Journal #2

She has made the decision to stay on the entire trip with us….and she is not going back.”

And then she got the text…

The night before the tour began, Melisa gets a surprise text that changes the dynamics of everything! Trisha Page, Melisa’s second oldest  adoptive-foster daughter, makes a last-minute decision to join the tour.

Trisha had been at a place where she was open to the idea of something in her life changing dramatically, and she was willing to take a step out in faith and try something different. Why…? Like all of them, she has her own story, and maybe we might find out in later journals. But for now the team is glad to have her “crash their party.”

The team continues their trek across the country through the midwest towards their first outreach assignment.

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