Eden Gardens has broken ground!

Phase One is well under way with the construction of GloDev’s first Sustainable Microfarm™ at Eden Gardens. A Sustainable Microfarm is a greenhouse with a large Aquaponic System inside that allows us to grow thousands of plants and vegetables per month using fish waste as organic fertilizer. Our first system will be fully operational by the end of May and producing fresh, organic food.

Glove, a partner with Building a Difference who’s stories will be featured on upcoming volumes, recently purchased 120 acres in NW Jacksonville, FL to build a self-sustaining eco-farm that will help train and feed thousands. They have built the initial aquaponics greenhouse and soon we will install the first orchard.

“GloDev is working to change the face of hunger and poverty around the world and right here at home,” explains GloDev/Eden Gardens Founder Tim Lovelace. “We are building a 10 acre Community Farm that will feed thousands of hungry children per day. Food Pantrys, Food Banks, etc are great but children are already malnourished by eating junk food and processed food often donated to Food Banks. We want to provide fresh organic food to those who need it most at a low cost or free through our work4food program. Please consider helping us bring an end to hunger!”

As their website states:

Eden Gardens Mission:
The mission of Eden Gardens™ is to create a sustainable and nurturing environment, to reach those in need, and network the community to reach the world.

Eden Gardens Vision:
•    To host community-focused businesses who carry the understanding, innovation, manpower and resources to bring about effective change for the poor.
•    To build a comprehensive food system as a charity enterprise that will enhance and bring sustainability to the overall vision.
•    To provide a model for the U.S. and for those working in developing countries that demonstrates how to network churches, schools and civic groups together to bring about real change that is effective, honoring and lasting.

Situated on 120 acres, just 5 minutes NW of I-295 and US HWY 1, Eden Gardens™ will offer 2 recreational lakes, camping, nature trails, community gardens, an orchard, a vineyard and much more! The farm will be completely operational by Fall 2018 with a Work-4-Food program where families who cannot afford organic food can come and work for food.

GloDev is accepting applications for community volunteers at Eden Gardens in Jacksonville, FL. All volunteers will be trained in teaching others to fish.