This week Go To Nations launched its second Reach Campaign video, “GloDev and Sustainable Development.” GloDev (Global Development) is a non-profit arm of Go To Nations and focuses on the transformation of impoverished communities through relief and development projects.

“GloDev is about helping the poor help themselves,” explains Tim Lovelace, GloDev CEO. “We teach new ways of looking at things, thinking about things. We introduce small projects like micro farms and clean water systems. We recently built an aquaponics system at an orphanage in the mountains of San Pedra Sula, Honduras, and the orphans are really excited now because they are harvesting fish, plants, and vegetables.”

“This is a really exciting time for us,” said Dr. Jerry Williamson, President of Go To Nations. “We will have a new weekly video own our website the pulls back the covers. It’s hard to explain what we do around the world if we don’t take you there, take you with us, and literally show you real situations in other places in the world.”

Building a Difference has been capturing footage and studying the GTN Honduras team for upcoming volumes of Building a Difference. “This is really interesting, especially now,” explains Mick Richards, Exec. Pro/Director. “Aquaponics is a possible solution to the people fleeing the country because of a lack of resources and extreme poverty. This is giving them the opportunity to step out of the mindset of poverty, take ownership of these self-sustaining systems, and become the providers of their surrounding areas.

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