Building a Difference was back in production on its third trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  We have been traveling with Go To Nations and GloDev (Global Development) to share how these two amazing charities are helping people in systemic poverty with innovative solutions. This past trip we also got to participate in a children’s vacation bible school with a GTN short term missions trip. A short video of the trip is in production now and will be released as a part of the Reach Campaign for Go To Nations.

“We are excited about the progress we are seeing in San Pedro Sula through the work of GTN missionaries Wyly and Candy Gammon,” said Mick Richards, Exec. Pro/Director. “They have been working diligently for the past nine years helping provide training and education for children at risk.”

“New Destiny School, in partnership with Eagle Christian School, is designed to give children at risk the opportunity to receive a quality education,” explained Wyly Gammon, GTN Rgnl. Dir. for the Americas. “This year due to overwhelming success and growth, we started a second school. Now over 600 children are receiving a quality education.”

Last year, Glodev, the relief and development arm of GTN constructed the first of many sustainable microfarms at House of Mercy orphanage near the first New Destiny School where the orphans now attend. The sustainable microfarm is a model aquaponic system that can provide unlimited fish, herbs and vegetables for the orphans and some families in the mountain community. Now, one year later, we are planning a new microfarm to be constructed beside New Destiny School that can feed the 300 children attending there. The new microfarm will be built in several phases which when completed will be 28,000 gallons and capable of providing food for the students.

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Below are some photos from the Vacation Bible School.

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