GA-TicketGet your tickets now for the WORLD PREMIERE of “The Goodall Family Story”!
January 19, 2013 at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL.
“The Goodall Family Story” special world premiere event has been announced and tickets are on sale now! The event will take place on January 19, 2013 at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. This double feature event begins at 5 PM with an intermission at 8 PM. You can get EVENT INFO and BUY TICKETS at
Building a Difference TV series presents the world premiere special screening of “The Goodall Family Story,” featuring the construction ministry of Builders Care, the non-profit construction company of the Northeast Florida Builders Association.  This double-feature event tells the awe-inspiring story of a family of eight in desperate need, facing extraordinary hardships, and a building community that rises to the occasion.
Jvl-Florida_Theatre_auditThe series introduces Kenny and Karen Goodall and their six children. Kenny, a hardworking welder with plans to build his family their dream home, was suddenly diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. As the disease took over Kenny, Karen was having an extremely difficult time caring for him and her six children in a tired 3-bedroom home.

Builders Care rallied the builders association, and the community at large, and doubled the size of their home in an exciting, fast-paced 2-week blitz build. However, three days later their oldest son Kollin was tragically diagnosed with leukemia. After two relapses the doctors could do no more for Kollin, and he spent the last three months of his life making it count.FL_TH094

This heartfelt documentary tells the inspiring story of how a community came to the rescue of a family in need and shows the amazing journey of how one family was able to find something so beautiful in the midst of the hardest trials of their lives.