Building a Difference was awarded the Dove Foundation’s highest rating of 5 out of 5 “doves” and its official Dove “Family Approved” seal for “The Page-Bailie Bunch,” a documentary about how Builders Care helped a foster family in need.

Building a Difference debuted its Volume One series to a worldwide audience in February 2009 on TBN.  The 3-part story of “The Page-Bailie Bunch” began the series premiere with a powerful punch, which told the moving story of foster mother Melisa Page-Bailie and her family of nine adopted foster children.  Melisa has personally helped over 200 foster care children since becoming a foster mother and has also served for over 10 years with the Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association.  Through the remarkable volunteer efforts of Builders Care and ICI Homes, Melisa’s one hundred year old home in desperate need of repair was expanded so that her ministry to foster children could continue to grow.

The “Page-Bailie Bunch” documentary was submitted to the Dove Foundation for review and was awarded a 5-dove rating and the foundation’s Dove “Family Approved” seal.  “This is a wonderful, inspiring documentary about a group of fantastic people and volunteers who help to make a change in one family’s life,” said Donna Rolfe of the
Dove Foundation review board.  “This is truly an amazing story of encouragement and it will encourage others to help those in need.”

The Dove Foundation is an organization dedicated to “encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment,” according to their mission statement.  They review films, documentaries and TV programs and awards their Dove “Family Approved” seal to those that promote wholesome family entertainment with strong family Christian/Judeo values.  The foundation works together with companies like Twentieth Century Fox and has their own Dove Movie Channel in hospitals.

Building a Difference broadcasts to a worldwide audience twice a week on TBN (the Trinity Broadcasting Network) which broadcasts to almost 100 million homes in the U.S. “This is just the kind of program I have been looking for,” said Isaac Hernandez, Executive Producer of TBN Programming of Building a Difference. “I believe this program will not be just a great program for TBN but will also awaken a great desire in people to have compassion for those in need and get involved.”