Since we began airing Building a Difference earlier this year, we have received so many encouraging phone calls, emails and letters from people all over the world!  We have enjoyed hearing from those who have been inspired by the show and how exciting they are that a series like Building a Differenceexists.

The purpose of Building a Difference is to tell moving stories of how extraordinary people are helping change the lives of those in need, to bring encouragement and strength to those facing difficulties, and to inspire others to reach out to those in need in their own communities.

Please watch this video of a recent phone call we received from an inspired viewer who was deeply moved by Building a Difference and the wonderful work of Northeast Florida Builders Care. It reflects the same feelings of all of you who have contacted us.  Chris and I, along with Builders Care, want to personally thank you all so much for your beautiful words, prayers and support.  It’s what is keeping us going strong!

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